"Our brand doesn't promise or stand for anything, it is just a name and a logo. And no one in the organization can give me a consistent answer of who we serve or why we're different."
- Actual disoriented leader

Does this sound familiar? At some point, every leader realizes they're not in control of their brand and that, instead, the market, the competition or, even their employees are directing the ship.

But creating a community of loyal and engaged brand evangelists will be impossible until you take control of your brand, tune into customers’ beliefs and connect with your market on a deeper level.

The good news? A Brand Sprint will give you the framework to optimize customer loyalty and company culture through clarity, definition, and actionable next steps.

Rapid Process. Powerful Results.

Brand strategy shouldn't take months or hundreds of billable hours. You need to bring your brand's A-Game... right now.


Don’t Let Your Brand Get

Stuck In Limbo Because You’re Obsessing Over “Choosing A Niche”


If you want to develop a unique positioning for your company, one that presents you as The Choice instead of A Choice, this will be the most exciting book you’ll ever read.

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    Our entire sales pitch changed after our very first meeting with Whiterock Reid. We discussed our core beliefs, brand personality and how we want others to perceive us, focusing on specific words and messaging. By using this vocabulary in our sales conversations, we've closed more deals and set the tone for a better working relationship with our customers. Words matter and Whiterock Reid helped us identify the right message for our brand.
    Brad Morrison
    Founder, GoWP
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    Whiterock Reid has been working with me on branding my company and defining my message. I had completed a lot of different jobs for a wide variety of clients but I didn’t know who to target or what I was looking for. My marketing was more of who would next knock on the door? Working with Whiterock Reid has been awesome, we have worked through simple, effective exercises that help define my niche, what I want to say and how to get my message across. Knowing these things and speaking the right language will elevate my marketing and save me a lot of money. Highly Recommended!
    Kris D’Arney
    Founder, Cartwheels Digital
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    We needed fresh thinking and a company that had the right mix of knowledge, expertise, creativity, and vision to help us with our strategic branding initiative.

    We chose Whiterock Reid and we’re so glad we did! Whiterock Reid has succeeded brilliantly by getting to the heart of how we expand brand relevance and brand resonance by starting from within. Their pivotal insights are game-changing for us. If you’re growth-minded, hire Whiterock Reid. Commit yourself to their process and do the work. They just don’t roll out a process and deliver a report, they add immeasurable value every step of the way. Read More
    Jonathan Stanley
    CEO, AudioConexus
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    I identify myself with what I create. When Whiterock Reid presented me with their pitch, placing my nascent logo amongst the big names like Laura Secord and Lindt, I saw myself. What seemed like a fanciful idea in my mind turned into a brand that people could identify with, could be drawn to, and one that would someday bring my dream to fruition.
    Audrey Brown
    Chocolatier, CocoaBistro